Escape the Clouds
New EP The Gears of Change now out!
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Eight songs about people
striving for a better life.

Five Readers' Choice Award nominations - Steampunk Chronicle

"10 out of 10 Zeppelins." - Daily Steampunk

"Nothing else... has the 'visual poem' feel you've achieved." - Steampunk Film Festival

Musical Adventures

Albums, EPs, USB drives, and various merch.

Moving Pictures

Original music videos and other projects.

Tales and Tellings

Published fiction and non-fiction writings.

A female "Jack" the Ripper. Vengeful airship pirates. Survivors and revolutionaries. A horny hitman. The devil himself.

These are just some of the memorable characters that populate the vivid lyrics and soundscapes of Escape the Clouds' dark, narrative songs. A Florida-based steampunk solo artist, his music twists together influences from world, industrial, and electronic music into an altogether new palette of sounds and rhythms.

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