Escape the Clouds

Electronic Press Kit

Stage Description

Escape the Clouds is a Fort Myers-based solo artist performing steampunk-inspired music using:
  • Vocals
  • Electric baritone ukulele.
  • Electronic percussion.
  • Energetic backing instrumentals.

Contact Information

For booking, press, and other inquiries, contact:

Mark Rossmore

or click here to use the contact form on the Booking page.

Short Bio

As Escape the Clouds, Mark Rossmore draws from history, imagination, and the world around him to tell unique, narrative songs. His vivid lyrics tell of relatable characters and steampunk-inspired “worlds that might have been”, all flowing atop an atmospheric foundation of world, electronic, and acoustic sounds.

He has released three albums and two EPs, and is currently working on his fourth full length album. Casting genre limitations to the wind, he is constantly exploring new sonic palettes and new ways to blend them, while still keeping a sound all his own. Escape the Clouds has performed throughout the Gulf Coast, at DragonCon in Atlanta, and Steampunk World's Fair in New Jersey. A lifelong history and aviation fan, he is based out of Fort Myers, FL.

Music Players

Music Reviews

"10 out of 10 Zeppelins."
- Marcus Gilman, Daily Steampunk

"You really do make unique and excellent music."
- Eben Howard, KGLT Radio

"The music's wonderful. All beautifully atmospheric."
- Nikki Magennis, Author, Steamlust

"Nothing else I'm showing has the 'visual poem' feel you've achieved."
- Stephen Couchman, Steampunk Film Festival

Promoter and Fan Feedback

"Escape the Clouds brought just the right mood to the affair."
- Sheri Friedman, Founder of RAIL: A Steampunk Journey

"Thanks for the show! It was great to hear the songs live, and to learn the stories behind some of them!"
- Kim Truett, Steampunk World's Fair attendee

"I've never heard anything quite like your music."
- John Caroll, Fandom Con attendee.

"We are so happy you were at Steampunk World's Fair!"
- Nancy Bushoven, Steampunk World's Fair attendee

"Thank you so very much for sharing your music tonight.... "
- Donna Vickers Blackwell, CoastCon attendee.

Long Bio

A female "Jack" the Ripper.... Vengeful airship pirates.... Survivors and revolutionaries.... A horny hitman.... The devil himself....

These are just some of the memorable characters that populate the vivid lyrics and soundscapes of Mark Rossmore's dark, narrative songs. Performing as Escape the Clouds, he paints rich steampunk stories in tracks distilled from ideas either historical or fictional--and many times both! His music twists together influences from world, industrial, and electronic music into an altogether new palette of sounds and rhythms.

Based out of Fort Myers, FL, he has crafted three albums and two EPs, and is currently working on his fourth full length album. He has also created soundtracks for a variety of steampunk radio segments and videos. Escape the Clouds has performed live at DragonCon in Atlanta, The Steampunk World's Fair in New Jersey, as well as conventions and events throughout the Gulf Coast.

Over the past several years, he's conducted or participated in steampunk music, film, culture, and creativity panels at Dragon Con, Steampunk World's Fair, and Pensacon. To compliment his own music, he’s produced multiple original music videos, each of which he created entirely on his own. As an author, he has nearly sixty fiction and nonfiction pieces in print. His steampunk and horror short fiction, essays, and novellas have been included in multiple anthologies such as Steampunk Tales, The Best of Everyday Fiction, Realms of the Undead, Steampunk for Simpletons,, and Penny Dread Tales.

In 2012, he founded the steampunk music community site,, where he shares the work of many other bands around the world. His work has been nominated five times for Steampunk Chronicle’s Reader’s Choice Awards.

A real-world pilot and air traffic controller, Mark is a big fan of all manner of flying machines, including airships, naturally!