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New Album Fundraiser: First Light

Funds Raised: $103000
Goal: $250000

Help get the word out!
It's been a crazy year for Escape the Clouds, and new music is on the horizon. I've been hard at work on my fourth album, First Light, and am so looking forward to getting it out there.

There is no greater compliment to an artist than to find out their work has inspired others. I've had dancers perform to my music, authors write to it, and artists create to it. It's moved dance floors full of people at enormous events. It's helped people get their day started in the morning, and helped them wind down at night. I am humbled by the fact that my songs and words have touched so many lives across the globe. With First Light, I hope to continue doing just that.

The name "Escape the Clouds" draws inspiration from music's power to help us overcome things in life. Now, at this moment, I need that power again. This year's turning out to be a tumultuous one. My aging music production computer is failing. As if that wasn't pressing enough, my family and I are unexpectedly having to move across the state within the next few months.

Even with all of this unexpected upheaval, I am still determined to push ahead with this album. With that in mind, I turn to you, kind souls and generous patrons, for your help. For the first time ever, I've decided to do a fundraiser. Below you'll find a number of reward options suitable for all budgets. Even the smallest amount makes a huge difference.

I just want to stress one final thing: I write, produce, play, record, mix, engineer, design, animate, film, edit, code, and otherwise make every single thing you see on this site. There is no record label, no massive marketing team, none of that. It's just me, doing it for the love of it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your generosity, which allows me to keep doing what I do, bring this music to life, and continue impacting listeners around the globe.

--Mark Rossmore, aka Escape the Clouds

Where Do the Funds Go?

  • Replacement Laptop: Music production, video editing, animation, and 3D modelling demands horsepower well beyond consumer "office work" laptops, especially when dealing with 4K resolution video. My current machine is on its last legs, and rather than pouring more money into an old machine, it's time to get a new workhorse to replace the one that's being put out to pasture. It's an investment that I hope will last me another five years.
  • Equipment for Animated Music Video: I'm looking to produce at least two, possibly up to three music videos. As you can see here, I've always produced my own music videos from scratch, and will be doing that again. The primary concept is an animated music video, and to do it right, I need some additional equipment. The most urgent need is a digitizing tablet so I can draw my characters, backgrounds, etc.
  • Audio Mastering: Hiring a pro audio engineer to put the final polish on the new album.
  • CD Duplication: Producing a run of physical CDs and download cards.
  • Merchandise: Creating additional merchandise, such as T-shirts, stickers, postcards, etc.

About the First Light Album

The term First Light has two meanings, each resonating with the album's themes:
(1) The time when light first appears at dawn.
(2) The first astronomical observation through a new telescope.

At its core, the album is about finding light in the darkness around you, and finding solace in the wonders of the universe.

The individual songs aboard the album explore war, love, science, religion... all things that have driven events around the world, and directly affect the characters within each of the songs. It's my most ambitious album yet, a complete story that follows these characters through harrowing events that shape their alternate world.

As with my previous album, Until the End, I'm hoping to collaborate with other artists in the steampunk community and bring you something new and diverse.

Available Rewards

Keep the Light On!
With this option, you can donate as much or as little you want, without specifying a particular reward. You will certainly have my undying gratitude, as even the smallest bit helps keep the music flowing.
First Light Download + Get Two Songs RIGHT NOW.
Receive the complete album upon its release in 2017. In the meantime, though, you'll get downloads of two of the new songs in an almost there, but not-quite-finished state.
Cthulhu Print + First Light Download
The horrifying reveal of Cthulhu in Lovecraft's The Call of Cthulhu is captured in this original drawing by Escape the Clouds' Mark Rossmore. The signed 4"x6" print will ship matted, backed, and protected in plastic.
Choose your location:

(Print Ships August-September)
Airship Shaker + First Light Download
A completely unique musical shaker I designed, make, and hand-assemble here in the Escape the Clouds studio. Add some flavor to your own music or display it in your home or office. Includes spinnable prop and removable stand. Watch the Shaker in Action!
Choose your location:

(Shaker Ships August-September)
First Light Physical CD + Download
Receive a copy of the First Light album upon its release.
Choose your location:

(Ships upon album release in 2017.)
First Light SIGNED Physical CD + Download
Receive a signed CD copy of the First Light album upon its release, addressed to you personally. Includes download version of course.
Choose your location:

(Ships upon album release in 2017.)
Steampunk Music Shirt
Do you love "The Sound of a World That Might Have Been"? If you're a fan of the steampunk musical movement, show your love for it with this unique airship shirt design I made for my other site,!
(Link will take you to Teespring site.)
The 'Stache USB Drive + First Light Download
Amuse your friends, get some great music, and lug around lots of data with this whimsical USB drive! Includes the complete Escape the Clouds collection on an 8GB USB drive. Includes three albums, two EPs, videos, and several short stories by Mark Rossmore.
Choose your location:

Complete Collection + Download
USB Drive + Airship Shaker + Cthulhu Print + First Light CD + Download.
Choose your location:

(Shaker/Print/USB Drive will ship August-September. CD will ship in 2017. )
Live Performance!
Escape the Clouds will perform a complete set at your home, venue, or convention! For performances outside of the Northwest Florida area (or South Florida, after December 2016), transportation and accommodations must be provided.
(Subject to scheduling availability. )