Escape the Clouds

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An album blending two great loves - music and writing - into a 15 track, part-vocal, part-instrument steampunk journey around the world. Its eclectic songs tell of mechanized samurai, vengeful airship captains, roving undead, and deviant royalty.

 "Escape the Clouds, a steampunk music project headed by Mark Rossmore, has created a very varied, danceable, rather electronic album. Three good things in one go. Even if electronic music is not your cup of tea, Circumnavigator is well worth a listen. Every song tells a story and all stories combine to create a picture of Escape the Clouds’ version of a steampunked earth. Eight out of ten Zeppelins."
- Marcus Gilman, Daily Steampunk

 "Nothing else I'm showing has the 'visual poem' feel you've achieved."
- Stephen Couchman, Steampunk Film Festival

 "Circumnavigator is awesome!"
- Lady Dragonwing, Bellydancer

 "I love your site, its vibe and copy and story."
- Cherie Priest, Author of Boneshaker and Dreadnought,