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Alamo Rising Soundtrack

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Alamo Rising is the incredible new steampunk novel by Josh Rountree and Lon Prater, available now from White Cat Publications!

From tribal drums and sinister calls for war to gentle flutes and uplifting piano, each song captures the thrilling essence of this new steampunk zombie-action-fantasy story. A fast-paced tour-de-force, it throws the reader into the second Battle of the Alamo, waged by stubborn Texans, mechanized British, undead Mexicans, and shapeshifting Native Americans.

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 "What a blast to read. This book has everything minus the kitchen sink. For pure reading and entertainment enjoyment, this book does the trick. The authors did a great job bringing this story to life while weaving a little steampunk, magic and good old fashion gun slinging into the mix. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to get lost for a weekend reading a good book."
- Carlos,

 "Thoroughly enjoyed the book. Troy and Smoke kept it interesting with their ability to get through the zombie attacks, crazy cactus escapes and near death battles. Plus their acerbic relationship. One's interest is peaked with the little girl Darla. The incorporation of steam weapons, Lightning Dove, the Texans, General Montezuma and the British kept the plot flowing. It was a quick and fun read."
- Amazon Reviewer,