Escape the Clouds

Music Videos

Each of the videos below was created solely by Escape the Clouds' Mark Rossmore. There were no film crews involved. Each one was written, shot, edited, animated, composited, and completed by one person. Mark has always loved film as a medium, and enjoys the challenge of handling every aspect of a project, from start to finish.

"I truly hope you enjoy these labors of love." - Mark Rossmore


One Life (A Story of the Great War)

A song written in memory of the courageous soldiers who fought on the battlefields of the Great War, under leaders who let hubris override humanity. Based on the true story of Fernand Marche, a French soldier who fell in the Battle of Verdun.


"Horizon" and "Mechanical Masquerade" Live

Escape the Clouds performs "Horizon" (off his upcoming album) and "Mechanical Masquerade" live at ArtServe, Fort Lauderdale.


Every Storm has an End

This short film celebrates Escape the Clouds' second album, Circumnavigator, capturing its core story: a man's journey around a steampunk-inspired world to save his stricken wife. The song is "Above the Overcast", track #9 off the album. All visual effects, cinematography, and editing were created in-house.


Until the End (Shanty Mix)

A reimagined, stripped version of Until the End's title track, it's the tale of a captain and the beloved ship that has carried him on throughout his life. It was recorded using two electric ukuleles, 5-string bass, pizzicato violin, two shakers, and a Native American buckskin drum.


The Air Race

The official video for Escape the Clouds' steampunk instrumental "The Air Race", the lead track from the album Circumnavigator. Escape the Clouds songwriter Mark Rossmore rides along with a pair of experienced formation and aerobatic pilots as they practice their maneuvers over Pensacola Beach.



Travel 9000 miles in three minutes in the official music video for "Aerodrome" by Escape the Clouds. Each song on Moments | Travels was written to express a specific travel experience; in this case, it was the mechanical dance and the ebb and flow of modern air travel. This timelapse footage was filmed at six different airports and on eight different flights to and from the Hawaiian islands. Flights (aircraft): Miami - Los Angeles - Maui - Kaui - Honolulu - Kona - Los Angeles - Miami


House of the Sun

Experience the splendor of the legendary famous Haleakal? sunrise in full HD and timelapse photography. The song is a reflection upon the remarkable beauty of this natural sight and the inspiration it gives many who view it--myself included.

Each song on Moments | Travels was written to express a specific travel experience in Hawaii. The video was filmed using a Canon T2i and a Samsung Galaxy S3. The tripod mounting used was sturdy, but in the face of the severe winds at 10,000 feet, there was little to be done about the camera shake.


The Surgeon's Widow (Live)

Escape the Clouds performs "The Surgeon's Widow" off of his album Until the End. The song draws inspiration from both the Jack the Ripper killings and the deplorable state of women's rights in the Victorian Era.