Escape the Clouds loves film as a medium, and enjoys the process of telling stories and creating interesting visuals. He created each of the videos by himself, taking his camera everywhere, from biplane cockpits, World War I trenches, and glorious mountaintops.

"One Life (A Story of the Great War)"

A song written in memory of the courageous soldiers who fought on the battlefields of the Great War. Based on the true story of Fernand Marche, a French soldier who fell in the Battle of Verdun.

EP | The Gears of Change
Featured on: The gears of change

"Until the End (Shanty Mix)"

Until the End’s title track is the tale of a captain and the beloved ship that has carried him on throughout his life. 

Album | Until the End
Featured on: Until the End

"Every Storm has an End"

This short film celebrates Escape the Clouds’ second album, Circumnavigator, capturing its core story: a man’s journey around a steampunk-inspired world to save his stricken wife. 

Album | Circumnavigator
Featured on: Circumnavigator

"Horizon" and "Mechanical Masquerade" Live

Escape the Clouds performs “Horizon” and “Mechanical Masquerade” live at ArtServe, Fort Lauderdale.

EP | Moments 01 | Travels
Featured on: Travels 01 | Moments

"The Air Race"

For this official video from the lead track of Circumnavigator, Escape the Clouds rides along with a pair of experienced formation and aerobatic pilots in warbirds.

Album | Circumnavigator
Featured on: Circumnavigator


Travel 9000 miles in three minutes, on eight different flights to and from the Hawaiian islands: Miami – Los Angeles – Maui – Kaui – Honolulu – Kona – Los Angeles – Miami

EP | Moments 01 | Travels
Featured on: TRAVELS 01 | MOMENTS

"House of the Sun"

Experience the splendor of the legendary famous Haleakalā sunrise in full HD and timelapse photography. I wrote the song as a way to reflect upon the remarkable beauty of this natural sight and the inspiration it gives many who view it–myself included.

EP | Moments 01 | Travels
Featured on: Travels 01 | Moments